Cryptography and Crypto Currency. What Does The "Crypto" In Cryptocurrency Mean? Cryptography is the art of hiding information and secrets. Cryptography is the science and art of protecting data by transforming it into an unreadable form. It is used to keep sensitive information secret and to make sure that only the right people have access to it.

Cryptography and Crypto Currency

Cryptography and Crypto Currency. What Does The “Crypto” In Cryptocurrency Mean? Cryptography is the art of hiding information and secrets.

Cryptography and Crypto Currency.

What Does The “Crypto” In Cryptocurrency Mean?

Cryptography is the art of hiding information and secrets.

Cryptography is the science and art of protecting data by transforming it into an unreadable form. It is used to keep sensitive information secret and to make sure that only the right people have access to it.

Cryptography is a branch of mathematics that uses secret codes to keep information secure. It is a combination of the words “crypto” meaning “secret” and “graphy” meaning “writing”.

Lets Look At The History Of Cryptography.

To fully understand how cryptography is used in cryptocurrencies, first you have to understand what cryptography is.

The History Of Cryptography.

Cryptography has been around since ancient times. It was used by people to protect their secrets. The first recorded example of cryptography dates back to around 1900 BC and was found in the tomb of a nobleman named Khnumhotep II in Egypt. The Egyptians used a system of pictographs to communicate secret messages. The Romans also used cryptography to protect their secrets. They wrote on papyrus scrolls and carved the letters into stone tablets.

Cryptography and Crypto Currency - The History Of Cryptography - Photo By Beni Hassan -
Cryptography and Crypto Currency – The History Of Cryptography – Knumhotep II – Photo By Kurohito –

Cryptography In Ancient History.

Cryptography goes back to as far as we have records of ancient history.

As stated previously earliest known use of encryption is found in nonstandard hieroglyphs carved into the walls of the tombs of the Old Kingdom of Egypt circa 1900 BC.

We are not sure how they were meant to be used for secret communications, but they definitely have a lot of mystery written within them.

Some clay tablets from Mesopotamia much later are clearly meant to protect a craftsman’s recipe for pottery glaze, presumably commercially valuable.

The ancient Israelites also used an early version of the simple monoalphabetic substitution cipher called the Atbash Cipher. This was also a substitution cipher.

The Egyptians also used a system of symbols known as the demotic system to write their language. They used this method to create a cipher that would be readable to only them and that could be translated.

Ciphers were used by the ancient Greeks to send secret messages.

The Spartan army used a system called scytale transposition cipher but it is not known exactly how they used it. That’s exactly how cryptography should work. If the message is not for you, you should not understand it!

The ancient Greeks used secret messages in many ways, the most common being written messages hidden inside statues. These statues were then placed where people could not read them, and they remained a mystery for ages. Another way they used cryptography was to tattoo messages on a slaves head and then allow the hair to to grow back in that area, to conceal the message. This is one of the earliest types of cryptography called steganography.

Another method used by the Greeks is known as the Polybius Square.

The Romans too were experts in cryptography. They had many variations of the ciphers such as Caesar Cipher.

Medieval cryptography.

Arabic cryptography The method used by the early Arab mathematicians for encoding messages in ciphers was a system of numeric substitution.

The Book of Cryptographic Messages is a book that contains the first use of permutations and combinations to list all possible Arabic words with and without vowels.

In early medieval England between the years 800 and 1100, substitution ciphers were often used.

Secretly, the importance of cryptography in Europe increased in the course of political and religious conflict.

In Europe, citizens of the various states that were part of the Roman Catholic Church and the Papal States, such as the Florentines, the Venetians and the Genoese, had an important role in the development of cryptography, because many of their citizens were active in the military and government sectors.

However, many of these forms of cryptography were frequently broken (decrypted) making them ineffective.

Cryptography was prominent in the Babington plot during the rulership of Queen Elizabeth I, which led to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.

It is also said that John Dee used a form of cryptography called Trithemian steganography to hide his communication with Queen Elizabeth I.

Until this time, the Islamic world had previously been an intellectual and scientific center and was a leader of cryptography, but following the Mongol invasion it lost its technological edge and could no longer compete.

In Japan, cryptography seems to have begun around the year1510.

The Advent Of Modern Cryptography.

In the 1790’s Thomas Jefferson’s cipher wheel was a precursor to modern cryptography. While Jefferson’s design was never built, many of his ideas were later implemented prior to the First World War.

For example, in the early 1900s, the German military developed a mechanical cipher machine that incorporated a series of rotating discs with different letter arrangements. It was one of the first machines to use rotary encipherment and was named the Enigma machine.

Cryptography and cryptocurrency - History Of Cryptography - Wehrmacht Enigma I - Image Copyright D.Rijmenants - SOURCE -
Cryptography and cryptocurrency – History Of Cryptography – Wehrmacht Enigma I – Image Copyright D.Rijmenants –

The Enigma machine is the first and most famous example of a mechanical device that could encrypt a message. The concept of using a mechanical device to encode a message was not new, however. In the 16th century, the Chinese were using a similar machine called a pin-wheel cipher.

The German code breaking unit at Bletchley Park played a critical role in winning World War II, and they were able to decode a lot of messages sent by the Germans. But it wasn’t until the late 1940s that they figured out how to actually read the encrypted messages, and they continued to use the technology to decrypt messages for several more years.

Huge advancements have been made in the field of cryptography.

Governments, military units, and some corporations have adopted the applications of cryptography.

Now, everyone can use cryptography to protect their secrets from others.

Computers and the Internet have made effective cryptography accessible to the common people.

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Cryptography and Crypto Currency – The History Of Cryptography

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Cryptography and Crypto Currency – The History Of Cryptography

The history of cryptography is a huge subject.
We don’t need to go too deep into it so we will leave it there.

The next 5 videos are more in depth and some are longer videos, along with some Internet references.

They are not necessary to complete this module, but are useful if you want to find out more about this hugely interesting subject.

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Cryptography Lecture – Cryptography and Crypto Currency.

Cryptography could be a great career to pursue, if you are interested.
Here’s why; as computing power gets more powerful, this will make it easier for hackers to crack passwords and bypass security mechanisms.

So the need for skilled cryptographers is growing and it is a skill that will always be in demand.

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Cryptography Course Part 1 – Cryptography and Crypto Currency.
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Cryptography Course Part 2 – Cryptography and Crypto Currency.

Here is the latest type of cryptography. Quantum Cryptography.

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Quantum Cryptography Explained – Cryptography and Crypto Currency.
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Quantum Computing Explained – Cryptography and Crypto Currency.

Further reading:

Let’s get back to our main topic:

Cryptography and Crypto Currency.

Cryptography is the study of finding ways to secure communications, this includes on the internet, underwater, in the airwaves and on landline networks.

In the context of cryptocurrency, it is used to protect transactions from being stolen or forged by others.

Cryptography is the practice of keeping information secret from third parties by encoding it in some way. It can be used to keep any kind of information secure, whether it is financial information, military secrets, or anything else you want to keep secret.

Cryptography is used in many different ways, but the most common uses now are for passwords, digital signatures, encryption, and authentication.

Cryptography is the science and art of securing messages for transmission between two parties. The information transmitted may be private or public. A message encrypted with a cryptographic key is unintelligible to all except those possessing the key. The encryption and decryption are reversible.

Cryptography is a way to keep your money safe by using a series of algorithms and mathematical equations to make sure that only the person who has the private key can access the funds. Cryptography can be used in a variety of ways, but it can be used to verify that a signature is legitimate, that a message was sent by the sender, and that a transaction has taken place.

For a digital signature to be considered as “trustworthy”, it needs to be able to verify its own existence and be able to prove that it came from a particular source. To do this, it needs to be able to create a cryptographic hash of a string of text. This hash is a unique code that is generated by the algorithm and used to verify that the signature has not been tampered with or altered.

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Cryptography and Crypto Currency

Why Do We Need Cryptography?

Cryptography is the use of cryptographic techniques to ensure the privacy and authenticity of a message, or to provide non-repudiation of the origin or destination of a communication. The main goal is to hide messages from prying eyes. Cryptography has been around for a very long time, but the recent rise of the Internet and the increased use of encryption software has made cryptography more popular than ever.

We live in a world where everything we do online is being watched by someone. From our social media accounts to our banking, everything we do is tracked and monitored.

Even if we don’t realize it, we are constantly being watched.

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Edward Snowden – How The Government Agents Are Spying On Everyday Citizens

It’s important that we keep sensitive information private so that no one can get a hold of it and use it against us.

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Edward Snowden – How The Government Agents Are Spying On Everyday Citizens
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Edward Snowden on Pegasus spyware: ‘This is an industry that should not exist’
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Pegasus: the spyware technology that threatens democracy – Cryptography And Crypto Currency

How Does Cryptography Work?

Cryptography is the process of encrypting data so that only someone with the key can decrypt it. Cryptography can be used for many purposes, such as securing data, authenticating identity, and even providing privacy. The term “cryptography” comes from the Greek word “kryptos” which means hidden or concealed.

Transposition ciphers are still used today, but they are often used to encrypt messages that are stored electronically. One of the most commonly used types of transposition cypher is the Caesar cipher, which simply substitutes a letter for another based on a pre-determined code. For example, the Caesar cipher would substitute the letter “C” for “B,” or “A” for “D.” This can be used to create a simple encryption method for text.

Deciphering encryption without knowing how a message is encrypted, has become much more difficult since ancient times.

Advanced computing technology allows us to encrypt data in much more complex ways than ever before.

Cryptography is very tricky and requires knowledge of advanced mathematics, but it always works on the same basic principle.

Encrypt data and hide its true meaning so that only a person with permission can see its real meaning.

How Is Cryptography Used in Cryptocurrency?

Public key cryptography is a type of cryptography that uses pairs of keys. One key is used to encrypt a message, and the other is used to decrypt it.  In this way, anyone can send a message that only the intended recipient can read. This is how cryptocurrencies ensure that messages can be sent securely and cannot be intercepted by third parties.

Public Key Cryptography.

Public key cryptography is the process by which people exchange information using two different keys. One key is public and the other is private.

In order to be able to send money, you need two things. The first is a public key. The second is a private key. The private key is the actual secret that unlocks the public key.

It’s important to understand that in order to access your cryptocurrency wallet, you will need to use a private key. You will need to keep this private key safe and secure. If someone were to steal this private key, they would be able to access your cryptocurrency.

To gain a better understanding of how Public Key Cryptography works,
picture a blue metallic mailbox that is often found in public places. Anyone can put mail into these mail boxes, yet only the mail man has the key to unlock the mailbox and remove the mail. Cryptocurrency cryptography works in almost the exact same way.
Anyone can deposit money to a public key/address (mailbox), but only people with the private key can access the money (mailmen). So, in the world of cryptocurrencies, it is as if everyone has their own mailbox, and key that unlocks the mailbox. This allows people to receive money and access it without other people being able to access the money. Public key cryptography is a technological marvel and it is rapidly changing the online payment industry.

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Cryptocurrency Wallets – Public And Private Keys – Cryptography and Crypto Currency

Cryptography Techniques Used In Cryptocurrencies

There are several methods used for encryption in cryptocurrencies.

They include, but are not limited to:

  • Hash Functions
  • Symmetric-Key Cryptography
  • Asymmetric-Key Cryptography

At the moment we don’t need to expand on these topics, but when it becomes necessary in later modules, we will.

Here is an optional video, that gives further and deeper explanations into how cryptography works with crypto currencies.

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Cryptography For Crypto Currency

Cryptography Vs Cryptocurrency

Cryptographers Have Become Annoyed With Crypto Currency Enthusiats Calling Crypto Currencies ‘crypto’

The stadium used by the Los Angeles Lakers has re-ignited a long standing argument between cryptographers and crypto currency enthusiasts.

The stadium now named publicly alters the image and message being put forward by cryptographers.

Their argument is that the term “crypto” applies strictly to cryptography.

However, the millions of crypto currency enthusiasts and investors around the world have now adopted and popularized the use of the term “crypto” with crypto currency.

This is not necessary reading, but if you are interested here is the story:

Cryptography and Crypto Currency Conclusion

This module is a beginners overview of how cryptography works with cryptocurrencies. It is a very complex subject that we don’t need to go into too deeply. We will probably go deeper into it in further modules as it will probably be used to explain other concepts.


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